jmenu dowload area

Download by right clicking on the link and choosing save as.

popper.html :replaces your index.html. Move your index.html to njindex.html first

jmenu.html :sets up window. loads engine (mtop3.html) into top frame and loading message (mbot.html) into bottom frame.

mtop3.html :the engine that runs the menu.

mbot.html :puts loading menu message up till menu is loaded. Then overwritten with output from genbot() (mtop.html).

common.js :common javascript functions like get browser type

menu.js :data for menu. Generated off my bookmarks file by bm2js.exe

bm2js.exe :program to convert Netscape (3 or 4) bookmarks file to a data file jmenu can use.

bm2js.c :source code for bm2js.exe

Note gifs should go into a img sub directory. Otherwise edit mtop.html to change path.

./img/plus.gif :image for when folder is closed

./img/minus.gif :image for when folder is open

./img/dot.gif :image for link